Be sure you clean your leather bag with clean hands. Leather bags are susceptible to absorbing grease and oil.

Do a quick cleaning every other day, briskly sweeping your leather bag with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth. Once or twice a year wipe down your leather bag with a cleaner made specifically for leather. Apply in a circular motion and wipe off with a slightly damp cloth to avoid clogging the pores of the leather.



Stuff your leather handbag with bubble wrap or parchment paper to restore and hold its shape (avoid using newspaper, as it will smear). Place your stuffed leather bag in its original FOΞY dust bag. Air your leather bag once every two weeks to prevent mold growth.



Take care to not let water absorb into the leather. If your handbag or jacket gets very wet, wipe off excess moisture as soon as possible. Do not dry the leather with a hairdryer; let it air dry, and then apply a leather conditioner. Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol, as these will dry out and possibly discolor your leather purse or bag.


More Tips

You don’t need to baby your leather bag but be aware that heavy exposure to direct light/moisture or chemical based substances and any items containing alcohol and its derivatives will age the leather dramatically.

Faulty Items

We offer a complimentary repair service for 12 months from the day you purchased our product if we define that the problem with the product has occurred with a fault in production or with an element of the production and assembly process. Kindly send us images of your product, including detailed images of the damaged area to Shipping and customs charges for returning the product will not be covered by FOΞΥ.

Please note: If the problem is originated from ill-usage, the repair is not for free. General wear and tear will not be covered by this service and all complimentary repairs are at FOΞΥ discretion.

If you have had a product for more than 12 months that requires a repair, please follow the same process. We will assess the work that is required and provide you with a quote and information on how to proceed. In any case, valid proof of purchase is required prior to proceeding with any repair.